Rusty, a Lhasa Apso Dog by mauveone.

Rusty, a Lhasa Apso.

He was the best dog I ever had –

When he died my family was so sad.

Because he had to be put to sleep,

My children did not speak to me for weeks.

It was on Blue Peter that I first saw

These little “Lion dogs” from afar.

It was years and years ago, I wished

I could afford one, then I saw one advertised.

I phoned the lady, she said: “come and see”.

We were so excited, my children and me.

That we would buy was not in doubt,

his heritage. she told us about.

That tiny, furry scrap we held in our hands

from the cold and mountainous Nepal’s far off lands.



Sounds we Hear by mauveoneblog.


S = Song.

O = Organ.

U = Euphonium.

N = Nurses.

D = Dogs.

S = Shoppings.


SONGS = Songs people sing,

birdsong, whale song

Choirboys sing Hymns, sometimes solos’

Choirs sing anything from Opera to X Factor.


ORGAN = The Organ at Blackpool Tower

comes up through the floor.

Mighty Church Organs,

can be fearful, noisy,

or soft, sweet and Bridal.


EUPHONIUM = A Brass Band instrument,

sounds wonderful in the summer, outside

on the Bandstand, happy people

enjoying in the sunshine listening,

relaxing, and eating Ice Cream.


NURSES = Their shoes squeaking along

the corridor. Nurses look after people

who are attached to machines the count and beep.

Their whisperings, wake you up in the middle of the night

to take your blood pressure and temperature.


DOGS = Dogs, man’s best friend, can be

noisy, wuffing, growling and yapping their

welcome. They make insistent noises,

when asking for food, They slurp their

love for you all over your face and jumper.


SHOPPING = love it or hate it, we do it.

Wonky trollies clattering around the aisles.

Chattering women, crying children,

chattering tills. Cardboard thrown into

metal cages, people noisily shelf filling.


Sounds, some we hate,

loud noises that shock

Some we love,

soft kisses we exchange

before bedtime……


Thunder Thoughts (Personification of thunder).

Thunder Thoughts.

“I’ll show these people

who are grumbling about the heat”.


“I will wake up people

snoozing on sun loungers”.


“It will be fun to give

the girls’ something to

    SCREAM about.”


“The wives will have

to rush outside to bring

the  washing in”


“The dogs will have

to hang their tongues out to

puff and pant


tremble with FEAR…..”


“I will bang so loud

that even the brave boys and men

will hide their quaking”.


I, Thunder am not all bad

I bring the rain,

I make the air sweet again.

BUT THEN,  I do have a wicked streak!


I Go Among Trees by Wndell Berry.

I go among trees and sit still.

All my stirring becomes quiet

around me like circles on water.

My tasks lie in their places

where I left them, asleep like cattle.

Then what is afraid of me comes

and lives a while in my sight.

What it fears in me leaves me,

and the fear of me leaves it.

It sings, and I hear its song.

Then what I am afraid of comes.

I live for a while in its sight.

What I fear in it leaves it,

and the fear of it leaves me.

It sings, and I hear its song.

After days of labor,

mute in my consternations,

I hear my song at last,

and I sing it. As we sing,

the day turns, the trees move.


Pretty Nodding Poppies. By mauveone.

Pretty Nodding Poppies in my Garden.

Today, walking around my garden,

I am amazed at the number

of Pretty Nodding Poppies some

Wild ones, small and dainty.


Some are cultivated and tall.

It does not matter, both

have the bright, blood red

colour. They both have

the same black middles.


They remind us of blood.

shed by soldiers.

They remind us of the

Opium Poppy that has

caused addiction and

Killed so many.


Why should such a

beautiful, bright flower

symbolise horror?

When it is a joy to see

Pretty Nodding Poppies

dancing in the breeze.


Their happy dance

can lift spirits,

make you smile

at both their

brightness and

their fragility.


Dance, Pretty Nodding Poppy,


Charles Waterton lived at Walton Hall near Wakefield, the hall is now a Hotel.

Author, William Makepeace Thackeray was a friend of Charles Waterton and when the Naturalist and Taxidermist died, Thackeray had this to say of those who labeled his friend an ‘eccentric.’



‘It was eccentric to dine on a crust, to live as chastely as a hermit, and give his all to the poor. It was eccentric to come into a large estate as a young man and to have lived to extreme old age without having wasted an hour or a shilling. It was eccentric to give bountifully and never allow his name to appear on a subscription list. It was eccentric to be saturated with a love of nature. It might be eccentric never to give dinner parties, preferring to keep an always open house for his friends, but it was a very agreeable kind of eccentricity, and the world would be a much better place if such eccentricity were more common.’

A Trio of Summer Poems…..

Don’t cry Caterpillar by Grace Nichols

Don’t cry Caterpillar

Caterpillar, don’t cry

You’ll be a butterfly – bye and bye


Caterpiller, don’t cry

Don’t worry bout a thing


‘But ‘ said the Caterpillar,

‘Will I still know myself  – in wings?


Moonlight, Summer Moonlight by Emily Bronte.

‘Twas moonlight, summer moonlight.

All soft and still and fair;

The silent time of midnight

Shine sweetly everywhere.


But most where trees are sending

Their breezy boughs on high,

Or stooping low and lending

A shelter from the sky.


The Rain by May Justus.

The rain has silver sandals

For dancing in the spring

And shoes with tassels

For summer frolicking.

Her boots have hobnails

Of ice from heel to toe

Which now and then she changes

For moccasins of snow.