Snowdrops by Elizabeth Sirrell.

© Elizabeth Sirrell.


Two Swans by mauveone.

This morning my husband opened our blinds,

I struggled to lift my sleepy head from the pillow.

Changing my position to upright and open eyes

suddenly, they were wide open, right there in my eye line

two large swans flying with focus and purpose

towards the lake in the next village, they glowed

in the morning sunlight, there upper parts silver

the lower parts bright white, flying streamlined

and in unison. To give you an idea of size,

birds so large, they would not fit into

your oven for roasting. Not that I would.

This is a sight not seen very often but

how it makes your day so special.

To write in your diary, write a poem.

To remember – those two Swans,

© Marjorie Lacy.

May your coming year by Neil Gaiman.

“May your coming year

be filled with





good madness.

I hope you read

some fine books

and kiss someone who

thinks you’re

and don’t forget

to make some


write or draw

or build or sing

or live as only you can.

and I hope,

somewhere in the next year,

You surprise yourself.”

Neil Gaiman.

I am not doing what I should be doing by mauveone.

Each morning, I tell myself

The list of things to do today.

Things I like to do, want to do

Should do, the minutia of life.

Every day about five o clock

I evaluate my list, what can I

Tick off – the answer is none.

I have not vacuumed the carpets,

Or planted out some plants,

What have I done?

It is wet and windy today

The weather forecast is for worse,

I have made soup, written a poem

Written Christmas Cards,

Washed the clothes and dishes


I have sat in my chair,

Looking at Facebook, writing comments,

Answered comments and emails.

I have communicated.

Surely that is good,?

My brain is working.

For tomorrow Sunday, the weather will

Be worse, I ask myself,

What will I not do? What surprising

Things will I do instead?

I know I will write, I do every day.

Maybe I will read, with a blanket

Over my knees.

© Marjorie Lacy.

Some short verses on the theme of Believe by mauveone.

BELIEVE  –   Acrostic.     

Believe –  Believing – Believed

Excite – Exciting – Excited

Laugh – Laughing – Laughed

Interest – Interesting – Interested

Exhaust – Exhausting – Exhausted

Vouch – Vouching – Vouched

Enjoy – Enjoying – Enjoyed.

Believe in yourself

Excite yourself

Laugh at yourself

Interest yourself

Exhaust yourself

Vouch for your good name

Enjoy yourself.

Everyday I believe I will wake up

Every morning I know I will find excitement

Somewhere in the day I will laugh happily

There will be something interesting to do

I have to exhaust myself so that I can sleep

It is my hope that people will vouch for my good name

When I go to bed I will know I have enjoyed my day.

Believe HAIKU.

Believe in happiness

The sun will rise in the sky

Your day will be good

Refuge. By Stephen Boyce

What washes up in the forest is no less

a wonder that the flotsam of oceans.

Take this skeleton of an upturned ark

stranded among a reach of ash trees,

beached in leaf litter, its ribs and spars

secured by a rigging of twiggy larch,

tangles of plaited honeysuckle, all

leaning in as though wanting to give ear

to silence, breath the wood’s cool must.

Some Crusoe surely built this, laid limbs

against a fallen ridgepole, woven vines

and brushwood spread out a bed of brash,

learned how stillness is a state of mind,

here where things slither, drip and flinch.

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Changes by mauveone.


At New Year, we ring out the old

And ring in the new.

Do we change on 1st January?

We may wake up with a hangover

We may wake up with a Resolution

That we may keep or maybe not.

We resolve to change our weight,

To eat less, exercise more. Do we?

We go to the hairdressers and change our hair.

But it does not really change the person.

For a change, we go to another country for our holidays,

But we choose to find the English Bar then Fish and Chips.

There are the internal changes, we grow up – we age

Adolescence makes the teenage years difficult.

For women, the aptly named  ‘Change’

Does change us from confidence to nervousness

For men, they get their change, their mid-life crisis:

Which can have consequences as they try to regain youth?

And then, just for a change, I can mention the change

In your pocket…….

©  Marjorie Lacy.