25 of 30 poems. 25th Wedding Anniversery.

My Silver Wedding,

Oh!! What Excitement.

Oh! What an achievement.


They did say to us:

“It will never Last!”

It did and we did!

AND we had the

Party to Prove it.”


NOTE: This year 2018, it will be

our 59th anniversary this year.



24 of 30. 2 x 12 = 24.

Did you learn your Times Tables at school?

I did. They were learned by rote, chanted

to the beat of a ruler tapping the teachers

desk, anyone unfortunate enough to say

the wrong number was told

“Put your hands on your head,

the teacher would hit your hands with

her ruler, then you had to say the whole

of the table on your own.

It did not pay to lose concentration.


We always said to each other “What

use is Maths, we won’t need it when

we leave school”. That was childish

wishing. Of course, we need to have

knowledge of Maths, our time’s tables

form the basis of calculation.

Can you remember – 7 x 9?

Or 9 x 8?   ???

I can’t!!

NOTE: I began school in Septermber, 1943.

23 of 30. 23 The Door Number of my Childhood Home.

23 0f 30.  23, The Door Number of my Childhood Home.


Mum and Dad bought this house

shortly before I was born.

They paid three hundred pounds for it.


We had three bedrooms, mum and dad’s

Mine and one called a box room,

though, not big enough to put a bed in.


I loved my bedroom, it was my place.

It was where I had a green painted

wooden table that Father Christmas,


brought when I was five years old.

I imagined being a teacher,

or a Librarian


It was an odd house, the front

door was numbered twenty-four,

the back door, used most, was twenty-three?


Note: After mum died, the house had

to be sold to pay for her Care Home

fees, I sold the house undervalued

for a quick sale, at £20,000.


22 of 30. Bingo!! And 2 Little Ducks.

The game, Bingo has grown to be

the tail that wags the dogs.


The game, Housey, Housey was played

By the Armed Services to pass time.


It was played at the Chapel that

I went to – God Fearing Methodists.


It developed into Commercial Bingo Halls,

In disused Church’s and Cinemas.


Then into purpose-built palaces,

All neon lights and big prizes.


With the lively old Bingo Callers

Fun. about two fat ladies and ducks


Beame digitised, computerised.

Not a lot of fun – “just give us your money”.


Now we have televised bingo in our homes.

Pay for it by your credit cards….


It is better with 2 little ducks in the park,

Than to risk your Housey-housey with debt.


Where are the Two Little Ducks now?

A Figment of our Imagination??


21 of 30. Key of the door.

What a celebration becoming 21 used to be.

You officially became an adult,

you were given the key to the house door.

Once I became 21, It was planned for me

to become a bride. Husband at my side.


In 2018, young people are not the same

they are more mature, know more.

They may have held a door key for

a flat when they went University.

Being a student equals freedom.


I don’t know which you think is better?

Was my innocence at 21,

or the worldly wiseness of

today’s young women?

20 of 30. Twenty Storeys High.

For our holiday, we flew away,

We stayed on Gran Canaria.


It was a Swedish Resort,

built into the rocks and very

modern in style and built from

concrete. The Receptionist

explained, “The lift is over there,

go up to floor ten, go across

the corridor, take the next

lift up to floor twenty, turn

left, you will find your room

   On the right.


Our room was spacious and

flooded with light, the  bath

with golden taps on a dais in the

bedroom! This was the most

sumptuous hotel, the food

Was excellent too!

It was a gated community, guards

roamed inside and outside at night

         Carrying guns.


It was Christmas time, with

decorations and trees everywhere,

everybody joined in the singing

and dancing in the Marketplace

for the youngest children,

It is fun, we’re sure we would have

and exciting week. The thing we

had not realised about Swedish

people used to low light levels, as

at home, every Pub and Restaurant           

        Closed at ten o’clock.



19 of 30. The Holiday.

It is May, and we are away.

We worry about our house still

“Did we turn everything off?” we say.


The skies are looking very grey

the noise made by seabirds is shrill,

It is May, and we are away.


Upset, the weather has changed today.

So cold it’s enough to make us ill”

“We will read in the lounge,” we say.


Our holiday is just a short stay

seabirds huddle on the window sill.

It is May, and we are away.


We go to the beach to play

Tennis and Rounders take some skill

“We had fun didn’t we”, we say?


Sightseeing, the resort shows decay

We walk slower, panting up the hill

We say It’s good to be away”.

“Did we turn everything off!” we say.

Note:    A Villanelle – a French form of

Poetry which contains 19 lines.