daily prompt – Movement – Dance.

When I was tiny child, I never minded being put to bed. Where I lived with Mum and Dad, opposite to Mum’s bedroom window was the huge building of the Conservative Club. By sitting on mum’s dressing table and looking down into the Club’s windows, I could see the Billiard Tables, with men playing Billiards.

If I looked upwards, I could just see into the Concert Room, on three nights a week, it was a Ball Room. When In my bed, I heard the music start, I would tip toe into mum’s room, climb onto the dressing table, being careful not to knock any of her ornaments off. I could see the dancers, they always started with a Waltz, then it was the Valeeta, the St. Bernard’s, then it was the Lancers, they made up little groups of dancers for this.By this time, I would be frozen, my eyes would be dropping, my head would be nodding. 

Tired, I would put mum’s things back in their place and tip toe back to bed. I always assumed mum and dad didn’t know what I did. The kindly dancers did, they would wave and smile. I would snuggle down under my grey woollen utility blanket , with the music more distant now, I would go to sleep.

It was always my wish, when I got older, I would go dancing there, but I never did….


Daily Prompt – Imagery – Dreams.

I do not have nice dreams, they are all to do with either, being chased or, having lost something I am unable to find it.

The things that chase me are often bears, I always manage to wake up before they catch me. With this dream, I never see the bears, just know they are there. Its not a dream with any great detail, its all very vague.

My second regular dream is about trying to find the car I have parked somewhere, but unable to remember where. This one is brightly coloured, I can remember parking the car normally as I do most days, but when trying to find it, it is like Time Square in America, all bright lights, fast traffic whizzing by, being jostled by people. Again, I wake up before I find it. feeling real trauma and upset. It takes a long time to settle down.

My husband thinks these are both stress related. There is nothing that triggers them, or when they might happen.

How nice it would be to have a pretty dream, about blue skies, silver sand, bright sunshine, looking up into a palm tree, seeing and hearing bright coloured little bird – maybe with a gin and tonic in hand……. Oh well !! I can day dream…..

Daily Prompt – Performance.

Again, I have a daily prompt which fits in with my talking about last weeks’ Coach trip  with my daughter and Grandson, we have been ‘doing’ the Cotswolds. Our last excursion before the journey back to West Yorkshire was to Stratford on Avon. We were to spend three hours there, aware that it was not sufficient time to see everything, we opted to walk to Shakespeare’s Birthplace.

We started off with our street map in hand, when we got to a roundabout, we were trying to decide which road to take, when a ‘local lady’ asked where we were going, we told her and she laughed and said we were going in totally the wrong direction, so much for our map reading skills. She suggested as we had a nine year old with us, we might like to walk through a park, there we would be safe from heavy traffic.

She was right, we were able to look over the bridge to see some lady Rowers carrying their boat over their heads, back to the Boat House – photo opportunity. We were able to see the Festival Theatre, the River, complete with an abundance of Swans and Geese. Also in the Park was a monument to Shakespeare and statues of his famous characters.

Leaving this lovely area behind us, we crossed the busy road, and continued up toward Shakespeare’s Birthplace, now following useful sign posts. My grandson has been learning a little of the history of the Tudors, their holiday challenge was to photograph some black and white Tudor houses. We found lots of them, he suddenly changed from small boy to David Bailey! Catching photos from unusual angles. He was running hither and thither as he found different houses down side streets.

Eventually we arrived at the house we had come to see, so old and so different to the black and white houses we had been looking at. We went in the shop to get our Shakespeare souveneirs, Grandson refused my offer to buy him a book about the great man!

We went into the Shakespeare Centre, but only sat in the Cafe for a drink. After having some refreshment, Grandson borrowed my new Camera, to take photo’s in the garden. He found out how to do the ten second delay, he took a lot of photos of himself in various poses… All to soon, it was time to go to the Coach pick up point. We bought some really enjoyable sandwiches to eat on the Coach.The journey home is always anti climax, the holiday over. We do have the pleasure of getting home, having our first cup of tea, and, the big and, sleeping in our own bed.

It has been for me, a special time, quality time with my precious special people. I wonder if I will get invited to spen part of his next half term with them?

Daily Prompt, Reckless.

Following on to my chats about Half Term Holiday Coach trip with daughter and grandson. Perhaps the most reckless day was the trip to Warwick Castle. This was the day Grandson had been waiting  for, especially seeing the Bowman demonstration. We had arrived early, so there were not too many people lining the demo area. The Bowman appeared, in costume of course, he gave a little talk, then explained the Bows and Arrows, the Cross bow, and showed the arrows. Then he started, the targets were a good way off, one representing a man, the other, a building. He explained he liked theatricals, we had to do ‘a drum roll’ all slapping our bent knees, when he fired the arrow, we had to shout ‘hurrah’, when the arrow hit, we had all to make a dying sound.

To make it more interesting he picked out one child, called Michael and said ‘if he missed his target, Michael died’. This produced laughter from every body but the poor Michael, who promptly tried to get his parents to leave. For him, the terror went on, the Bowman continued with his theme, but in the end, all was well, he never missed his target, and Michael got to live, even if it was a bit tearfully. (I personally thought this was a little difficult for such a small boy, the Bowman could perhaps have picked on someone older).

Then it was time for Grandson and his mother to race up the steps, heading off to do a circuit of the Battlements. They climbed to the highest Tower (599 steps) and had to phone me, the elderly frail one, sitting waiting for them in the Courtyard below, to look up and wave to them. Daughter was white faced and panting when they finally came to find me.

I am one of life’s observers, I was happy sitting waiting. There were so many people, the actors that played parts, did various drama’s, the families with their boy children dressed in plastic armour, threatening with the plastic swords, the plastic helmets did not look substantial enough to be much protection good to the Toddler Warriors. Girl children had been bought long dresses and plastic tiara, being Mi Lady’s. It struck me how much these parents paid out, for entry, spent on costume, then it was drinks and hot dogs.

I toured the inside of the Castle, the Great Hall was GREAT indeed, fantastic Suits of Arnour and associated Weapons. The Complex is owned by Madam Tussards, so there were lots of wax work character’s populating and adding atmosphere (I found them a bit disconcerting).

We all had a lovely day, it was a Coach full of very tired people that drove sleepily back to our Hotel in Coventry. The three of us, finished off our excursion with a visit to see Coventry Cathedral, and a walk round what is left of the original Church after being bombed during World War 11.

Daily Prompt – Fun!

This daily prompt fits in with my Costwold’s trip with my daughter and grandson. This was our second day and we visited three villages, the first Moreton-le-Marsh, for their Market day. While we travelled, it rained. Once we arrived, the sun came out. It was a fantastic Market, of the ‘old fashioned kind’. There was a ‘Meat man’ shouting his offers – which sounded good – buy a chicken and you get two! Felt it was a shame we were on a Coach trip, I could have spent a fortune there!

Our second stop was Stow on the Wold, here it was architecture that was the interest, beautifully coloured warm stone buildings. We were only there for an hour, so it had to be ‘done’ at speed. We did see a Cafe housed in a building which dated back to the Middle Ages, King Edward. The other thing about this village, it still had ancient Stocks in the centre. A real photo opportunity! 

Our third Village was Broughton on the Water, but due to localised flooding it was Broughton IN the water! The stream, which is an attraction of the village, was so flooded and moving so fast, even the ducks did not venture in. This was a touristy place,  with a Car Museum and a Model Railway Museum, Cafe’s, Pubs, and shops, lots of spending opportunities…. It was a bit chilly in February, I would like go again in the summer.

This was our first experience of seeing the saturated fields at the edge of Engand’s low land flooded areas. (this is unusually high and extended this year). Where I  live in West Yorkshire is in the foot hills of the Pennine Chain, there is only our County Town of York that floods on a yearly basis, due to rain water running down off the high hills on its way to the sea.

Now you could say there is not much fun in this, but travelling on a Coach trip with a ten year old is not boring. Seeing it through his eyes  makes it fun! Exhausting too for a fragile elderly grandma.

Daily Prompt – School’s Half term.arrow Boats in the rai

My Grandson has had a half term holiday from school, to keep him occupied my daughter booked a short break holiday with a Nation Coach company. We were to be away three nights and four days. We were going to visit the Cotswold area, somewhere non of us had been before.

First stop was, Banbury       – Do you know the rhyme – 
To ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross,

to see a fine lady on a white horse, 

with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,

she shall have music wherever she goes.


The ancient rhyme refers to Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Banbury riding a cock horse (a male horse).

We saw the statue, a very fine relatively new, sculpture. It is near the ancient Cross, Banbury did have three Crosses, but this is the only remaining one.

We had only an hour and  half to see Banbury. We walked into the Town Centre, taking photographs as we went, there are lots of very old buildings. We arrived in a pedestrian precinct, which housed the new shopping centre, which had a Museum and Tourist Information Centre, we went in looking for information leaflets.

We toured the Museum, which had interactive Canal based models, which the children loved, one showed  how locks work. We went round the exhibits based on Cotswold life and Social History. There was also a Cafe, where we had some drinks, it opened out onto the Canal side, we took photographs of the Canal and Narrow Boats in the rain. I liked the town, and yes, I would like to go there again and spend a longer time there.

All too soon, it was time to walk our way back to the Coach pick up point. For our journey to the Hotel, which was to be our base for the next three nights.

I will tell you tomorrow, where went next…..     Watch this space.


she shall have music where ev


Zero to Hero. Ultimate job.

As a child my dearest wish was to have a shop. My Auntie married a Master Tailor, I used to visit them, sitting on the side of Auntie’s sewing machine, watching her finish off suits. If she considered I had ‘been good’  i.e., helping to bath and put to bed my little cousin, I could go in the shop and play.

I played with the buttons, the bobbins of cotton, but the best game was opening the wooden till draw, which went ‘ping’ and counting the money. This was the old fashioned days of pounds, shillings and pence. There was a lot to count. All I wanted was my own till and to be able to count my own money.

It would be in 1962, after I was married and my son was eighteen months old. We were living in South Shields on Tynside at the time. We were walking down to the Town Centre, we had £98.00 in his pocket to buy our first fridge. We passed a shop ‘To Let’. “That Estate Agent is ……..? (forgotten his name) Dad,  I’ll go and see him”. He went off to see about it, I went back home, dreaming of a wooden till that went ping…

So that is the story of how I got my first shop. Because of the connections to my husband’s job at that time, we opted to open a wool shop. That went well, after a short time, we took a Town Centre shop, and then another, and another. We opened five shops in five years. Unfortunately we didn’t understand cash flow, such rapid expansion was doomed to failure.

We lost our wooden till that went ping, we lost the new expensive electronic tills, we lost our house. We returned penniless to Leeds. It was not easy facing our families, and recovering self worth and confidence, but we did…

Some years later, we went on to open two general shops selling Hardware, Ironmongery, Calor Gas and Gardening stuff. Having learned the hard way. we progressed with care. We were in this trade maybe twenty years, before selling up and retiring.

But I did get to do my ‘dream job’ with all its ups and downs. I still love counting money.