Challenge, April 30 days, 30 poems.

Day 1. Haiku


Bright daffodils

their heads nodding gently

lift our spirits


I was 69 years of age when I joined a Creative Writing Group, at the time I wasn’t sure if I could write! I found to my delight I was capable of writing in any style the tutor asked of us. I My age is 75, I began writing a daily blog in January this year, I have managed to write most days. I like poetry, unfortunately I do not seem able to rhyme, I write free  more often than not. Today, my first offering is a Haiku.


Today in the U.K., it is Mother’s Day – my day.

Mother’s day, it originally meant that people who ‘lived in’ as servants, could return home to their ‘Mother Church’. When they would also see their own mother’s and other family members. Live in servants did not get much time off, they could perhaps have to walk long distances from where they worked to the place of their birth, then the return walk back to their place of employment.

These days, consumerism has taken over, it is a big day for buying cards, presents, taking mum out for the day, or as in my case, being taken out for a meal this evening. My own mum died some years ago, I feel the gap in my life of buying her flowers, so this year, I have bought my daughter and her mother in law some flowers. (They are both mum’s) I can give them when we get to the restaurant

This morning I was able to persuade my husband, once the Formula 1 had finished on the television, he would come with me, to an Art exhibition and sale, being held at a nearby Village Hall. It’s not his ‘thing’, I thought it would not hurt for once, for him to come too. When we got to the small Hall, the car park was full, always a good sign! We found a tiny space in the corner. Having a small car helps on occasions like this!

We went in, were given a lovely welcome by two ladies who gave us a glass of wine each. When we turned round I was amazed, there were so many paintings on display, all by local artists. The standard of work and display was so high. I have never been to one of these events before and had not known what to expect. It was exciting looking at all their work, some were obviously work done at an art class because there were variations of the same flower, or similar view of the village Church. We paid our £1.00 each on the Tombola, raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, both of us winning a prize! Fantastic.

I did meet someone from my writing group, she is one of our newer writers, I was able to introduce her to my husband. Usually at the class we are too absorbed for much socialising, it was good to get to know her a bit better. Then my husband said ‘come on, I want my lunch!’ So home we came…. Just as well to have some quiet time before we meet our family and the noise of an Italian Restaurant.

100 days to le Grand Depart, West Yorkshire UK + Writing Competition

Today is an important day for West Yorkshire, it is exactly 100 days to when the greatest Cycle Race in the world, starts from Leeds in West Yorkshire – It is of course, the Tour de France. (Don’t ask,  why a French Cycle Race is starting in the wild hills of  West Yorkshire). This means a lot to West Yorkshire, it will bring welcome financial rewards. There are also plans for permanent legacy.

It has been announced, that there will be a yearly cycle race, over the 250 mile circuit of the Grand Depart. This will be huge benefit to the business’s along the route. It is hoped that everybody will consider riding a bike, particularly the young ones. There will be a lot of bikes/cycles sold, a lot of people will be looking for Cycling Clubs to join.

It is hoped that when the rest of the world sees the wild beauty and rough terrain that we live in, they will want to come and see it too, so boosting our tourist industry. Yorkshire, with is three big regions, North, South and West, is the biggest county in England. Due to a long history, from the earliest of time, of disputes between the affluent South of England, and the Wild Northern men, we have become the ‘poor relations’. Northerners are known for their harsh speech, being ‘tight with their money’ and for speaking ‘their mind’.

We have had to survive the harsher weather, wind and rain. The high hills mean the farmers have to breed sheep which are capable of living off sparse grass, they are ‘brought down’ to the valley bottoms for the worst of the winter weather. The mountainous hills are Millstone Grit, the hardest of stone. Or alternatively, some area’s are Limestone, which forms the deep caves, hollowed out by water.

We do have a lot of wild rugged coastline, then there are the softer beaches,  for ‘bucket and spade holidays. We have Cliffs, which are being eroded by the North Sea, which every year claims more of the land, houses built years ago on the cliffs which are soft soil, fall into the sea (The sea at the  Lancashire side of England is not coming in as far as it used to, new land is being created there – creating some sort of natural ‘balance’).

There you have it, It only 100 days to go and we will be deluged by thousands of bikes, motor vehicles, following Television crews, people, excitement and litter – then it will all move on, first to London, then onto France and the Tour de France on French soil.


Daily prompt – Fate? Or control your own destiny?

Well, I have tried both! I have been involved in Network or Multi level Marketing, they teach you to control your own destiny. They suggest each night you write down a ‘To Do’ list, next morning – you work your ways through the to do’s. Any not completed go on the top of the list you write that night for the following day… And so on… And on.

Some people can adapt to this system and swear that they get more done each day, by sticking to the list. You must not get side tracked if you want to reach the goals you have set for your self, they can be weekly, monthly, yearly, five years or ten yearly goals. I did try very hard to keep to this system, it proved not to work for me. I have what can only describe as a ‘butterfly mind’ which can easily be distracted.

Now, I leave it to good luck, fate, call it what you will. I do have a basic weekly schedule, kept in my diary. I belong to a lot of groups, mainly to do with Reading, Writing, Poetry. I love my garden, and gardening, I pass time knittiing, playing solitaire on the computer, and, you must have guessed, i write a daily blog – most days anyway!

After having a life threatening and life changing operation for a ruptured bowel last year, now nothing can  be very urgent in my life. My thought processes have become slower, meaning all my movements are slower. The side effects of the time intensive care will be with me for the rest of my life. I can only walk approximately 2 miles, then it is very slow, with many pauses. I think that night, 4th January 1913, fate did take a hand and let me live. 

After my discussion, I have to come down on the side of FATE and leave destiny control to others.


Daily prompt – Remember – Three memories

I am now at the point in my life where I have lived a long time, (mid seventies) it is difficult to pick out three!

I think the first really momentous happening, we married and moved to the Newcastle area. An area of England I had not experienced before, it took me time to settled down, for one thing the accent/dialogue spoken there was much different to the accent/dialogue spoken in West Yorkshire. As two of ‘life’s innocents’, it came as a surprise to us that I was pregnant! Our son was born ten months after we married. He was a beautiful child, golden skin colour, almost white hair and the most amazing blue eyes. He was a joy, a happy child, we were later to learn he was as stubborn as a mule, he would tell you black was white. Maybe a good trait as an adult, but horrendous to live with in a tiny child.

The second thing we found, journeying further north almost to the Scottish border, we were to discover the place called Lindesfarne or, Holy Island. The island is cut off from the mainland by the sea, twice a day according to the tides, a causeway appears and you can cross. It is a wild and desolate place, very small but it does have a village centre. It is an ancient place, where Christianity first came to England, it has had its share of Holy men and hermits. It was invaded by the Vikings from the Scandanavian countries. Nowadays, its invaders are tourists. We first visited it in the early 1960’s, we loved it, and adopted it as our spiritual home. This year, we have even booked to stay three nights on the island, so bringing one of dreams into reality. 

My third memory is, visiting other countries, seeing how people lived, our first country was Germany, I had never wanted to go there, My husband served in Germany while doing his National Service, he had loved the country. In the early 1980’s, our village, with a large coal mine, became twinned with a mining town in Germany, we went as part of an exchange. It was a delightful surprise, to live in a German house with our host family. They became closer to us than our families as we exchanged visits for over twenty five years. With the exchange, we travelled extensively around the North Rhine Westfalia region, so got to know it quite well.

The other Country we came to know well, was Spain although this was hotel accommodation, so we did not get the close connection with any one area. We spent a lot of time on the Spanish island of Tenerife, that was like another world, with its heat and sparse and scrubby vegetation on the way from the airport to the southern coastal area. It was a special place to us, but then we decided to see mainland Spain. That was such a large country, for me, sitting in the window seat flying over the geography laid below me was amazing. We found so much fun and laughter in and around the Costa del Sol. We journeyed into the mountain country, seeing how the rural populations lived, with all those goats!

Memories of our travels will never leave us.


Daily Prompt – Three coins in a fountain.

I have never seen the Trevi fountain, that does not stop me throwing coins into a fountain or wishing well. I think it is a fun thing to do. I sometimes wonder when the coins are supposed to be donated to a charity, if they get to their destination.

I also love the blowing the cake candles out to make a wish. When my grandson was a tiny boy under two, his favourite thing was to have me light some candles, usually anchored into a slice of bread, we’d sing ‘Happy birthday to you’, he would blow the candles out, and then say ‘again, again’. We could spend hours like that, I got fed up long before he did! Now as a nine year old, and we are celebrating a birthday, he always looks across at me to make eye contact, then he laughs. He remembers our happy innocent little pleasure,