I Can See Clearly Now, by mauveone. (10.10.2018).

When I first started driving,

I had to have glasses,

I was

Twenty three years of age.


Now, at 80 years of age,

and two Cataract operations

later, the Optician has said


“Your vision is so good,

you are now 100% legal to

drive night or day,

without glasses”.


Absolutely fabulous!

How crisp. How clear the

ridge tiles of the houses

opposite, the hedges,

fences and dogs.


How brilliant the sky is,

what a wonderful thing,

that after a few minutes of



Have created my new world,

gone is the yellow fog

and how now I do not need glasses


Well yes, I do, for reading,

I do read and write a lot.

BUT how happy am I?

Yippee, I can See!!


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