SEEN by Marjorie Lacy.                                                     

“C”,   Sea,   See,   Seen and  Scene.


“C” is the third letter of the alphabet,

Curly C   not,   kicking K.

Or,  you could say to the burglar –

  1. I. C. U !!  (Oh! I see you.)


“Sea” is what we ‘Oh I do

Like to be beside’

Paddling!, bucket and spade

Donkey riding!!.


“See”, as in

“I can see you there, behind that chair”.


“Seen” as in

“Children should be seen but not heard”.

Or, “Have you seen the  ****  on that?”


“Scene” is what we want to see

When we are on holiday.

Or, we could have a ride on the Scenic Railway

on a spectacular Steam Train.

Or, “You’re making a scene, be quiet’


“C”,  Sea,  See,  Seen and Scene.


There is of course, obscene – but we won’t mention that!!



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