After not being on this site in over a year, I am back! Promising myself to write more frequently!

What am I thinking today? Yesterday we had a ‘Nordic’ walking machine delivered, to enable our elderly selves to walk indoors when the weather does not allow us to walk outside. This is our campaign to get fitter and slimmer. We are – my husband and myself.

Yesterday after my husband had joined all the jigsaw of pieces together into what looked like the picture in the advertising blurb, I had the first tentative ‘go’. I should explain that he is 79 and I am a year younger, we have both got problems and are in fragile health.

It was funny getting my feet in the foot positions, as the thing moves slightly as you put your weight on it! I did get myself on, leant my chest on the padded square which activates the little computer which does the timing, and loss of calories. I was pleased with myself, starting slowly, then gaining confidence got quicker and more positive movements., I was surprised how quickly I felt breathless and my arms and legs were going heavy with tiredness. I had to think carefully how to get off, husband standing ready to catch me if I overbalanced!

Later on in the evening, I had another try, I got even faster than my earlier attempt and felt a sense of achievement. The result was I had a very good nights’ sleep!


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