April Challenge, 30 days, 30 poems.

April Challenge 30 poems, 30 days.


Day 8.            I saw it, I like it, – but what was it?


In the Supermarket, on a display of

Mother’s Day gifts, I saw it,

I really liked it, so I bought it

For ME !


In a container, that was cream painted wood,

boat shaped, it held, I think, two large plants with large

dark green spear shaped leaves, it had four long flower

stems, loaded down with flowers.


creamy white back grounds, with magenta centres,

very attractive, looking so fragile, like a cross between

a ballerina and a butterfly, so dainty.


I have kept orchids in my home in the past,

I know, despite their apparent fragility.

Them to be, if you’ll excuse the saying….

They are as ‘tough as old boot’s’.

How long will I be able to keep them? That is the question.






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