April challenge – 30 days, 30 poems. Day 6.

Day 6.     (Farming in Spring)     Hedging and Ditching.

A busy time for the farmer’s, but then,

when is it not a busy time for Farmer’s?

Once the spring sowing is done,

they turn their attention to bringing

hedges and ditches to pristine

condition, tidiyng up the roadside

verges and field edges. Essential,

necessary, ‘good house keeping’.

When I see the hedges that have

been slashed by machines, the

damaged, torn twigs and branches,

it makes me wonder, do the hedges

feel pain? Do they hurt? As you drive

by, it looks so cruel, it cannot be.

It does not take long for the hedges

to be showing new growth, regeneration.

The new leaves bulking up, to give deeper

cover for the small animals that live in their

superior lodgings with easy food access.

Where they have dug out the rubble and

excess plant material that has built up,

it is laid on the banking, making it higher,

for when field edged streams are in

spate or flooding. The built up soil can

recondition and nourish, so the road

side plants can grow and flourish.

So the farming cycle rolls on,

I feel fortunate to live in a rural area,

where I can see green fields every day.

Watching the farmer’s fields with

interest, makes me feel in touch

with the seasons, with the Universe.



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