April Challenge, 30 days and 30 poems.

 First Flush of Spring – Over !             Day 4.

Not so long ago,

our garden’s were full of

nodding daffodils.


This week, their heads

have turned brown are

dry and hanging down.


The beautifully exotic, cup

shaped Magnolia blooms

opened on leafless trees.


This week, their pretty petals,

wind blown, fluttering down,

looking almost like snowflakes.


Mature Weeping Willows,

their early, delicate fronds.

brilliantly limey-lime green.


This week, the fronds are

longer, stronger, turning

to a deeper shade of green.


Brightly coloured early

Cherry blossoms, so prolific,

making you gasp in admiration.


This week, bright blossoms

turning dark brown, dripping

deadly, on to the ground.


We wait with baited breath,

what will next week’s natural

glory be? We shall have to

           Wait and see !




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