April Challenge – 30 days, 30 poems. Day 5.

Insect Life.        Day 5.

We have had some warmer,

settled weather. Insect friendly

flowers coming into bloom.

Yesterday, while gardening,

bees were happily buzzing,

different coloured butterflies

were circling, visiting flowers.

Every piece of soil turned over,

had its complement of tiny

scuttling insects, too many 

to name, living their lives.

Wasps flit by, wearing their 

smart stripes, fleeing busily, 

speedily, hither and thither.

I found a fat catapiller or

two, mildly munching…

The result of all this insect life,

is to bring hungry birds, some

already feeding the tiny

helpless, blind hatchlings.

Nature’s yearly natural selection

happening, right there  before my eyes.


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