I have had a week full of differences.

What a lot can happen in a week, having experienced chest pains, I went to visit my Asthma Nurse, who said the pains were nothing to do with my lungs, but could be Angina, a heart problem, I should make an urgent appointment to see my Doctor to get tests started.

As you can imagine, I drove home in a state of shock. When I told my husband he reminded me we were booked in to a hotel, for a few days rest and relaxation. As I couldn’t see my Doctor for a few days, we decided we would still go away, after all we would be close to another Doctor’s/Hospital there, should anything happen to worsen my condition.

The Hotel was built clinging on to a hillside in the Derbyshire Peak District, the room turned out to be on the second floor, with no lift! Our room was large, it would be all right for a two night stay. Outside, the weather was unusually foggy for the time of year – we could not see the long distance views, we had come to see. We had an enjoyable stay, we had some really good meals, we visited several tourist destinations, the lovely old town of Bakewell, the exciting Tramway Museum at Crick – taking us back to our childhood’s of riding on the Leeds Trams, several were museum exhibits. We were there at the same time as several school visits. Even though it was too foggy to see the children outside, we could hear their chatterings. When they were inside the Exhibition Area, we were amused by their attention paid to the person explaining the old fashioned trams, when we went on a tram ride, the upstairs deck was filled with school children. Once off the tram, we had a foggy walk through the Woodland and Sculpture area – very atmospheric.

Our last place of interest, that we visited on our way home, was what was termed ‘Derbyshire’s Little Gem’, Bolsover Castle, we had passed it lots of times when travelling on the M1 Motorway, it holds a prominent position on top of a hill. It was the first time we had been inside it. For an English Castle, it was small, dating from the Middle Ages. It was a delight, during the last winter they have spent millions of pounds refurbishing it. It had been built as a ‘pleasure palace’ a place for its owner and friends to enjoy sport, romance and entertainment – not the usual type of Castle built for defence of the Lord and his lands. We spent a couple of happy hours, having its history explained to us by a knowlegable volunteer guide, we had a light lunch in the Cafe. We found another group of school children , learning about the Armour worn by ‘Knights of Old’. A perfect end to our ‘away days’.

It is surprising, I had no chest pains while we were away and I was distracted… Over the last couple of days i have had blood tests, an E.C.G. test and chest X Rays. I am now in the ‘waiting time’ for my results to be checked. What will next week bring, I wonder?


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