April, 30 days and 30 poems

  Day 3. A word of explanation, I have been ‘off line’ for a few days – I will make up for lost time! This is a free verse poem for children. Memory of the film Bright Eyes.

A very Common Animal.

I am considered one of England’s native species,

I can be seen all over, hedgerows,

fields, woodlands, mostly on sunny banks.

Many predators are on the look out for me.

Even hunted by humans ‘for the pot’.

I am a social animal, liking to be in a group.

my fur is soft and brown, with two long ears,

four fast legs and a white bobtail.

My nose twitches, I have long whiskers,

complementing my two bright, bright eyes.

There have been legends, stories, then books and films

made about us. There are Rabbit songs, Rabbit poems.

We have been domesticated for generations, often kept in

hutches, either for food or, to be pets, used to teach

their children the responsibility of looking after us.

Sportsmen with rifles, shoot at us. Lads in Land

Rovers, driving fast over fields at night – ‘lamping’.

Men with trained dogs, digging us out of our burrows.

Man brings danger, disease and cruelty, threatening

our way of life, our existence. We fear them.

Children with misplaced love and affection,

kill us with kindness. Whether pet or, wild,

we poor rabbits… Hunted by hawks, owls and foxes.

All we ask is for peace, on a sunny bank,

green stuff to eat and peace, perfect peace.



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