Today in the U.K., it is Mother’s Day – my day.

Mother’s day, it originally meant that people who ‘lived in’ as servants, could return home to their ‘Mother Church’. When they would also see their own mother’s and other family members. Live in servants did not get much time off, they could perhaps have to walk long distances from where they worked to the place of their birth, then the return walk back to their place of employment.

These days, consumerism has taken over, it is a big day for buying cards, presents, taking mum out for the day, or as in my case, being taken out for a meal this evening. My own mum died some years ago, I feel the gap in my life of buying her flowers, so this year, I have bought my daughter and her mother in law some flowers. (They are both mum’s) I can give them when we get to the restaurant

This morning I was able to persuade my husband, once the Formula 1 had finished on the television, he would come with me, to an Art exhibition and sale, being held at a nearby Village Hall. It’s not his ‘thing’, I thought it would not hurt for once, for him to come too. When we got to the small Hall, the car park was full, always a good sign! We found a tiny space in the corner. Having a small car helps on occasions like this!

We went in, were given a lovely welcome by two ladies who gave us a glass of wine each. When we turned round I was amazed, there were so many paintings on display, all by local artists. The standard of work and display was so high. I have never been to one of these events before and had not known what to expect. It was exciting looking at all their work, some were obviously work done at an art class because there were variations of the same flower, or similar view of the village Church. We paid our £1.00 each on the Tombola, raising money for the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, both of us winning a prize! Fantastic.

I did meet someone from my writing group, she is one of our newer writers, I was able to introduce her to my husband. Usually at the class we are too absorbed for much socialising, it was good to get to know her a bit better. Then my husband said ‘come on, I want my lunch!’ So home we came…. Just as well to have some quiet time before we meet our family and the noise of an Italian Restaurant.


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