100 days to le Grand Depart, West Yorkshire UK + Writing Competition

Today is an important day for West Yorkshire, it is exactly 100 days to when the greatest Cycle Race in the world, starts from Leeds in West Yorkshire – It is of course, the Tour de France. (Don’t ask,  why a French Cycle Race is starting in the wild hills of  West Yorkshire). This means a lot to West Yorkshire, it will bring welcome financial rewards. There are also plans for permanent legacy.

It has been announced, that there will be a yearly cycle race, over the 250 mile circuit of the Grand Depart. This will be huge benefit to the business’s along the route. It is hoped that everybody will consider riding a bike, particularly the young ones. There will be a lot of bikes/cycles sold, a lot of people will be looking for Cycling Clubs to join.

It is hoped that when the rest of the world sees the wild beauty and rough terrain that we live in, they will want to come and see it too, so boosting our tourist industry. Yorkshire, with is three big regions, North, South and West, is the biggest county in England. Due to a long history, from the earliest of time, of disputes between the affluent South of England, and the Wild Northern men, we have become the ‘poor relations’. Northerners are known for their harsh speech, being ‘tight with their money’ and for speaking ‘their mind’.

We have had to survive the harsher weather, wind and rain. The high hills mean the farmers have to breed sheep which are capable of living off sparse grass, they are ‘brought down’ to the valley bottoms for the worst of the winter weather. The mountainous hills are Millstone Grit, the hardest of stone. Or alternatively, some area’s are Limestone, which forms the deep caves, hollowed out by water.

We do have a lot of wild rugged coastline, then there are the softer beaches,  for ‘bucket and spade holidays. We have Cliffs, which are being eroded by the North Sea, which every year claims more of the land, houses built years ago on the cliffs which are soft soil, fall into the sea (The sea at the  Lancashire side of England is not coming in as far as it used to, new land is being created there – creating some sort of natural ‘balance’).

There you have it, It only 100 days to go and we will be deluged by thousands of bikes, motor vehicles, following Television crews, people, excitement and litter – then it will all move on, first to London, then onto France and the Tour de France on French soil.



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