Happy Wanderer is the Daily prompt.

I like to know what I am doing, when and where…. I like to research before I go, list it all and yes, it is all kept in a big brown envelope, with dates, flight numbers, destination all written on in felt tip pen!

In my ‘nitty gritty’ way, I like to keep a rough list of what is spent. We allocate so much per day, and try hard to keep to it, if some days we have a good meal ‘out’, the next day we have a ‘cheapy meal in’. I should add, we usually travel self catering. The reason being, we simply cannot eat the amount of food hotels give you.

Because of our World War II upbringing, we were taught you must eat everything on your plate, and something about starving Africans would love that. (Now just how you would send a plateful of half eaten food to Africa, was never explained.). Waste not Want not was also drummed into us.

Back to travel, we have spent a lot of time visiting Germany as part of a Twinning Group over twenty five visits. The Song ‘ The Happy Wanderer’,  is one of the songs the Germany host families love to sing, when we are having our evening ‘parties’. Their deep voices and heavy accents siniging ‘I love to go a wandering along the mountain track’ , is a memory never to be forgotten. They always demanded we sang in return, what is known as the Yorkshire Anthem,’On Ilkley Moor Bh’tat’ (translates as On Ilkley Moor without a hat’). We were required to sing this at school, learn the dialect version to sing, and learn in our English Class, what the strange words meant. I didn’t like sining it at school, I certainly don’t like singing it as an adult, as the song has lots and lots of verses. It is a story, about a couple of lovers, walking across the moors without their hats on, they catch cold and die. They are buried and eaten by worms. Ducks come along and eat the worms, people eat the ducks, couples go walking across the moors…… and so it goes on and on.

However, I have done well at digressing. We are due to visit the Peak District in Derbyshire at the begining of April, just for two nights, so I have some research to do, and an itinery to plan…..


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