Poetry event at the local Library.

There is an organisation called Read Regional, they do a yearly season of Reading and Poetry events all over the North of England. Encouraging readers and new writers to meet each other. I have been to previous events and found them very inspirational. It is lovely, because the selected author reads from their own work, then a question and answer session, followed by breaking into smaller groups with an author to talk to us.

It is a privilege to be one to one with an author . (You do get the chance to read their books before the day). You can question why this happened in this sequence? What was intended and did they achieve

it?.There is some fun and laughter over some of the questions and answers. You get to buy the books at a discounted price, then get them signed by the authors.

Today, my Library was hosting a young and pretty contemporary poet, called Cara Brennan. She has done her Masters Degree at Newcastle University. The book covers her life from five years old to date, she is describing,  through the medium of clothes, different ages the clothes she wore Her title reflects this ‘Destroyed Dresses’, I can show you one of her poems which appeared in the promotional hand out today.


We’re at the top of The White Horse

looking for an edge to scatter Gramphy’ ashes.

Beyond the cinder track and brittle fence

stands an airfield

where gliders impersonate curlews;

the wind will give them flight.


I am fearful.

My hair is plaited,

held with an orange bobble,

covered with scratchy fabric,

lace, a silk bow, pearls

A gust may take it from  me.

Cara Brennan.

After Cara had done her readings, the lady from Read Regional suggested that we each do some 

‘Automatic Writing’,    our subject was ‘When I was 5, I wore…..

five minutes later, it changed to ‘When I was 10, I wore….

five minutes later, it changed to ‘When i was 15, I wore….’

We were not asked to read our efforts out, but to take our writing home, to use as a springboard to create our own contemporary poem. Our thanks were offered to South Elmsall Library, our Speakers, and the Event Co-ordinator from Wakefield Metropolitan District Libraries Division.

I should perhaps mention, in addition to this, in the Children’s Library they were showing children how to make little Mother’s Day gifts. In another area, local government officers were answering Constituant’s questions and complaints. All in all, a very busy morning for the Librarians booking books in and out too.





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