Daily Prompt: pour some sugar on me.

My brother in law took us out for a meal, we went to a Golf Club, somewhere between Leeds and Wetherby. This was a few years ago, I don’t remember a great deal about it, other than when we entered the Restaurant area, a sweaty smell hung in the air.

The main course was ‘typical pub type food’. When we got to the dessert menu, there was an item called ‘Eton Mess’, I had never heard of this, but Estate Agents type blurb that followed said,    ‘ it was a favourite dessert at Eton College, it contained, fresh Raspberries, pieces of broken meringue, strawberry yoghurt and double cream’.

I like all of those, so I opted for it. It did look messy when it arrived.The taste was something ‘out of this world’. I thought, this is not too difficult, the ingredients are easily available, I can make it at home.(I never have got round to doing the home made version).

We had our teas and coffee’s and started to move, my brother in law said, I’ll pick up the bill’

‘YES’, I thought  one meal and two sweet things……


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