Daily Doings…. Garden Centre

The weather forecaster’s promised us good weather this weekend, Ah! we said to each other, we can get out into the garden and do something! As often happens in England, in the North of the country, it can look a fine bright day, when you are inside. When you get out doors, there is the wind chill factor.

My husband suggested we went to the Garden Centre for Wild Flower seeds, he has adopted the front garden for his own, he wants to create a wild flower meadow effect. I don’t think he realises how long that will take or, the preparation needed to achieve it. As its the first time he has shown any interest at all in the garden, I have agreed to this. (Although from his recent comments, iIthink I will be responsible for the weeding!).

I retain our little herb bed, I was pleased to find a red leaved variety of Thyme this morning, as always when I buy a potted up plant, I split into two halves. Just in case one dies, but they rarely do! I can plant one into a container, one into the herb bed. I found it a companion plant of a gold leaved alpine, so that will look attractive.

As this morning’s garden centre did not have any seeds, we have visited another one this afternoon. We have spent a fortune in wild flowers seeds, possibly bought more seeds than our small garden needs.

Some of the seeds will be spread over the prepared areas, but some more delicate ones, I will plant into seed trays to keep indoors until the plants are big enough to handle.

The planting of seeds gives hope for the future, the promise of new life to be nurtured and cared for. A nice thing to do for a pensioner couple. It is satisfying to sit and drink coffee, looking at things you have planted and created. Just hope the slugs and aphids etc., leave enough for us to enjoy.


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