Daily Post – Book Reviewing.

A couple of weeks ago, I found a site  –  http://www.lovereading.co.uk   They were asking for readers to review books for them on behalf of various publishers. I offered to read a debut novel called The Four Streets by Nadine Dorries. (You may know her as the Member of Parliament., who took part in T.V. reality show.)

The book itself is the story of Irish immigrants arriving in Liverpool in the 1950’s. They came, arriving with nothing. Some of the men were able to get work at the Docks, their reward for an extremely hard days work, was to have a cigarette and a pint at the Pub on the way home.

The lot of the wives was far harder, as Catholics, they could look forward to the yearly pregnancy, little food, little support from their husbands. The eldest daughter was obliged to look after the youngest children, cook, clean, and run errands

Of all, the children had the hardest life, often half starved, often abused, by parents, other children, if really unlucky – the Catholic Priest, welcomed into the house by mothers, thinking he was a ‘good man’.

The only comforting aspect for the wives was, the wife’s get together’s, to drink tea and gossip, while the children played about their feet, probably breast feeding the newest one, perhaps the most relaxed part of the day for the women and children.

The story weaves its way round two girls, Kitty and Nellie. They go through the full range of trials and tribulations of life, of high emotions and none.

As a debut novel it is a good effort, with excellent story telling. The book itself, hardback with a good cover, illustration, the pages are quality paper, the print is big and clear. Essential for an elderly frail like me! The price of £10.00 for the new copy, no doubt it will appear in Supermarkets at a lower price as a 3 for 2.

I enjoyed reading and reviewing, it is a good way of getting free books, I would say to anyone – ‘have a go’. 


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