daily prompt – Movement – Dance.

When I was tiny child, I never minded being put to bed. Where I lived with Mum and Dad, opposite to Mum’s bedroom window was the huge building of the Conservative Club. By sitting on mum’s dressing table and looking down into the Club’s windows, I could see the Billiard Tables, with men playing Billiards.

If I looked upwards, I could just see into the Concert Room, on three nights a week, it was a Ball Room. When In my bed, I heard the music start, I would tip toe into mum’s room, climb onto the dressing table, being careful not to knock any of her ornaments off. I could see the dancers, they always started with a Waltz, then it was the Valeeta, the St. Bernard’s, then it was the Lancers, they made up little groups of dancers for this.By this time, I would be frozen, my eyes would be dropping, my head would be nodding. 

Tired, I would put mum’s things back in their place and tip toe back to bed. I always assumed mum and dad didn’t know what I did. The kindly dancers did, they would wave and smile. I would snuggle down under my grey woollen utility blanket , with the music more distant now, I would go to sleep.

It was always my wish, when I got older, I would go dancing there, but I never did….


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