Daily Prompt – Imagery – Dreams.

I do not have nice dreams, they are all to do with either, being chased or, having lost something I am unable to find it.

The things that chase me are often bears, I always manage to wake up before they catch me. With this dream, I never see the bears, just know they are there. Its not a dream with any great detail, its all very vague.

My second regular dream is about trying to find the car I have parked somewhere, but unable to remember where. This one is brightly coloured, I can remember parking the car normally as I do most days, but when trying to find it, it is like Time Square in America, all bright lights, fast traffic whizzing by, being jostled by people. Again, I wake up before I find it. feeling real trauma and upset. It takes a long time to settle down.

My husband thinks these are both stress related. There is nothing that triggers them, or when they might happen.

How nice it would be to have a pretty dream, about blue skies, silver sand, bright sunshine, looking up into a palm tree, seeing and hearing bright coloured little bird – maybe with a gin and tonic in hand……. Oh well !! I can day dream…..


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