Daily Prompt – Performance.

Again, I have a daily prompt which fits in with my talking about last weeks’ Coach trip  with my daughter and Grandson, we have been ‘doing’ the Cotswolds. Our last excursion before the journey back to West Yorkshire was to Stratford on Avon. We were to spend three hours there, aware that it was not sufficient time to see everything, we opted to walk to Shakespeare’s Birthplace.

We started off with our street map in hand, when we got to a roundabout, we were trying to decide which road to take, when a ‘local lady’ asked where we were going, we told her and she laughed and said we were going in totally the wrong direction, so much for our map reading skills. She suggested as we had a nine year old with us, we might like to walk through a park, there we would be safe from heavy traffic.

She was right, we were able to look over the bridge to see some lady Rowers carrying their boat over their heads, back to the Boat House – photo opportunity. We were able to see the Festival Theatre, the River, complete with an abundance of Swans and Geese. Also in the Park was a monument to Shakespeare and statues of his famous characters.

Leaving this lovely area behind us, we crossed the busy road, and continued up toward Shakespeare’s Birthplace, now following useful sign posts. My grandson has been learning a little of the history of the Tudors, their holiday challenge was to photograph some black and white Tudor houses. We found lots of them, he suddenly changed from small boy to David Bailey! Catching photos from unusual angles. He was running hither and thither as he found different houses down side streets.

Eventually we arrived at the house we had come to see, so old and so different to the black and white houses we had been looking at. We went in the shop to get our Shakespeare souveneirs, Grandson refused my offer to buy him a book about the great man!

We went into the Shakespeare Centre, but only sat in the Cafe for a drink. After having some refreshment, Grandson borrowed my new Camera, to take photo’s in the garden. He found out how to do the ten second delay, he took a lot of photos of himself in various poses… All to soon, it was time to go to the Coach pick up point. We bought some really enjoyable sandwiches to eat on the Coach.The journey home is always anti climax, the holiday over. We do have the pleasure of getting home, having our first cup of tea, and, the big and, sleeping in our own bed.

It has been for me, a special time, quality time with my precious special people. I wonder if I will get invited to spen part of his next half term with them?


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