Daily Prompt, Reckless.

Following on to my chats about Half Term Holiday Coach trip with daughter and grandson. Perhaps the most reckless day was the trip to Warwick Castle. This was the day Grandson had been waiting  for, especially seeing the Bowman demonstration. We had arrived early, so there were not too many people lining the demo area. The Bowman appeared, in costume of course, he gave a little talk, then explained the Bows and Arrows, the Cross bow, and showed the arrows. Then he started, the targets were a good way off, one representing a man, the other, a building. He explained he liked theatricals, we had to do ‘a drum roll’ all slapping our bent knees, when he fired the arrow, we had to shout ‘hurrah’, when the arrow hit, we had all to make a dying sound.

To make it more interesting he picked out one child, called Michael and said ‘if he missed his target, Michael died’. This produced laughter from every body but the poor Michael, who promptly tried to get his parents to leave. For him, the terror went on, the Bowman continued with his theme, but in the end, all was well, he never missed his target, and Michael got to live, even if it was a bit tearfully. (I personally thought this was a little difficult for such a small boy, the Bowman could perhaps have picked on someone older).

Then it was time for Grandson and his mother to race up the steps, heading off to do a circuit of the Battlements. They climbed to the highest Tower (599 steps) and had to phone me, the elderly frail one, sitting waiting for them in the Courtyard below, to look up and wave to them. Daughter was white faced and panting when they finally came to find me.

I am one of life’s observers, I was happy sitting waiting. There were so many people, the actors that played parts, did various drama’s, the families with their boy children dressed in plastic armour, threatening with the plastic swords, the plastic helmets did not look substantial enough to be much protection good to the Toddler Warriors. Girl children had been bought long dresses and plastic tiara, being Mi Lady’s. It struck me how much these parents paid out, for entry, spent on costume, then it was drinks and hot dogs.

I toured the inside of the Castle, the Great Hall was GREAT indeed, fantastic Suits of Arnour and associated Weapons. The Complex is owned by Madam Tussards, so there were lots of wax work character’s populating and adding atmosphere (I found them a bit disconcerting).

We all had a lovely day, it was a Coach full of very tired people that drove sleepily back to our Hotel in Coventry. The three of us, finished off our excursion with a visit to see Coventry Cathedral, and a walk round what is left of the original Church after being bombed during World War 11.


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