Daily Prompt – Fun!

This daily prompt fits in with my Costwold’s trip with my daughter and grandson. This was our second day and we visited three villages, the first Moreton-le-Marsh, for their Market day. While we travelled, it rained. Once we arrived, the sun came out. It was a fantastic Market, of the ‘old fashioned kind’. There was a ‘Meat man’ shouting his offers – which sounded good – buy a chicken and you get two! Felt it was a shame we were on a Coach trip, I could have spent a fortune there!

Our second stop was Stow on the Wold, here it was architecture that was the interest, beautifully coloured warm stone buildings. We were only there for an hour, so it had to be ‘done’ at speed. We did see a Cafe housed in a building which dated back to the Middle Ages, King Edward. The other thing about this village, it still had ancient Stocks in the centre. A real photo opportunity! 

Our third Village was Broughton on the Water, but due to localised flooding it was Broughton IN the water! The stream, which is an attraction of the village, was so flooded and moving so fast, even the ducks did not venture in. This was a touristy place,  with a Car Museum and a Model Railway Museum, Cafe’s, Pubs, and shops, lots of spending opportunities…. It was a bit chilly in February, I would like go again in the summer.

This was our first experience of seeing the saturated fields at the edge of Engand’s low land flooded areas. (this is unusually high and extended this year). Where I  live in West Yorkshire is in the foot hills of the Pennine Chain, there is only our County Town of York that floods on a yearly basis, due to rain water running down off the high hills on its way to the sea.

Now you could say there is not much fun in this, but travelling on a Coach trip with a ten year old is not boring. Seeing it through his eyes  makes it fun! Exhausting too for a fragile elderly grandma.


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