Daily Prompt – School’s Half term.arrow Boats in the rai

My Grandson has had a half term holiday from school, to keep him occupied my daughter booked a short break holiday with a Nation Coach company. We were to be away three nights and four days. We were going to visit the Cotswold area, somewhere non of us had been before.

First stop was, Banbury       – Do you know the rhyme – 
To ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross,

to see a fine lady on a white horse, 

with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes,

she shall have music wherever she goes.


The ancient rhyme refers to Queen Elizabeth’s visit to Banbury riding a cock horse (a male horse).

We saw the statue, a very fine relatively new, sculpture. It is near the ancient Cross, Banbury did have three Crosses, but this is the only remaining one.

We had only an hour and  half to see Banbury. We walked into the Town Centre, taking photographs as we went, there are lots of very old buildings. We arrived in a pedestrian precinct, which housed the new shopping centre, which had a Museum and Tourist Information Centre, we went in looking for information leaflets.

We toured the Museum, which had interactive Canal based models, which the children loved, one showed  how locks work. We went round the exhibits based on Cotswold life and Social History. There was also a Cafe, where we had some drinks, it opened out onto the Canal side, we took photographs of the Canal and Narrow Boats in the rain. I liked the town, and yes, I would like to go there again and spend a longer time there.

All too soon, it was time to walk our way back to the Coach pick up point. For our journey to the Hotel, which was to be our base for the next three nights.

I will tell you tomorrow, where went next…..     Watch this space.


she shall have music where ev



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