Weekly photo challenge – Treasure.

So that I could join in with this, I purchased a new ‘point and click’ camera. Unfortunately not being technically minded, the photo’s I have taken will not download to my computer, my husband, who gets fed up with my inabilities, is currently attempting to download them to his computer!

So… there is always different ways of doing things, you will have to use your imagination to see…

A little cardboard plant pot standing on top of our gas fire in our living room. What is in the plant pot? Ah! that is my TREASURE!

Note: The plant pot is only standing there, so that they can have their photo taken. They will be put in a better place by the window, once the ‘photo shoot ‘is over.

The cardboard plant pot is decorated with a picture of miniature daffodils a variety called ,as the plant pot tells us, ‘Tete a Tete. As yet the daffodils have not come out, but you can see the little fat buds that will soon burst into colour. The flowers are incredibly delicate owing to their small size, there a five seperate bulbs in the pot,  each bulb will produce several flowers over a few weeks. Their bright yellow colour is amazing, the little trumpets, a darker shade to contrast. So Pretty and so colourful. Telling us, that no matter what the English climate is throwing at us, SPRING IS ON ITS WAY!

You can understand now, why they are my treasure. Hopefully, sometime soon I will be successful in showing you their photo!

These were bought yesterday from the Supermarket for £1.00, which is cheap indeed, but even better, once they have finished flowering indoors, they can be planted outside in the garden to flower again next year and for years to come. Each year they will mutliply themselves.



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