Daily prompt – three wishes.

If I could have three wishes, my first one would be for my husband to get better. For three weeks now he has had this awful virus. The Doctor has been out to him three times, and prescribed anti-biotic’s. They are doing something, but not quick enough. Next week we were visiting Warwick Castle with our daughter and grandson, during his half term holiday from school. My husband has decided he is not well enough to go, I must still go.Its going to be difficult leaving him, although I was so looking forward to the  spending some quality time with my favourite people! I shall make my decision to ‘go or stay’ on Sunday morning, when I would need to start packing.

My second wish, large parts of England are under flood water, we have more high winds and rain forecasted for the next week, which is going to make the saturated ground even more flooded, and spread the misery far wider. As the rain water runs off our high hills, it floods the valley areas. Farmland is already going to take, maybe years to recover from the contamination from sewage and other things.

I wish it would all come to an end, but as it is caused by the Jet Stream and a natural event, I doubt my wish will have much effect. At least  am with the suffering  land and people in thought..

What can my third wish be? For people to be kinder to each other. I was brought up to ‘do as you would be done by’. So many today just think about themselves. Families have broken down, people no longer want to live with others, they all want ‘a place of my own’. Computers have taken over lives, computer related games and gambling, social media etc., have changed lives. I fear it is not for the better.




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