Daily Prompt, ‘them next door’

We are fortunate with our neighbours, neither side are any problem, but very pleasant. One side, share their lives living partly in England and partly in Spain. We do suspect that now they are maybe longer in Spain than England – they’ve ‘gone native’. It is only

their two grandchildren the pull them back to England. It is a bit lonely when they are living in the sun…..

At the other side, they are more interesting, this couple have three cars, one son who has four sons, one of his sons, has three boys – the male genes have won in that family! To say there are so many boys visiting next door, there is not too much excess noise. Both houses have wooden floors, we hear mostly the feet of the younger ones scampering around.

The other interesting point, next door puts out lots of winter foods for the birds, they get masses of common little birds, now that the weather here is very wet and windy, rarer species are coming to feed. The birds, bring the food into my garden to eat, we have a large dish for water, which the birds both drink and bath in. We can have a line of birds waiting for their turn to bath. The bigger birds splash a lot and empty it, the birds have learned to stare at my kitchen window until I go out and fill it up! We have seen up to six or seven, small birds all bathing at the same time.

The only ‘bad neighbours’ we have is the several cats, who are drawn to our gardens by the birds. Our providing food ad water for them is defeated by hunting felines. The worst offenders are a black and white cat, another one is mostly white with black. They will leave feathers all over the lawns.


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