Daily prompt, maybe a day late!

Who do I write for? Basically its me! Should anyone else care to read it, that’s ok.

I write because it is a good habit to write something every day, I go to a creative writing class, and that is what the Tutor says

 What shall my subject be today?  Setting a writing goal…

It is my aim this year to self publish a book of poems, it will be a thin book, containing a monthly poem accompanied by one of my own photographs. So that is twelve poems, twelve pictures, which cannot be that difficult. The problem will come, I think, when I have got it typed up, to get all the poems and pictures into the correct pages, in the correct order. BUT that is a problem for a few month’s time.

There, I have written it down, the start date is 7th Feb 2014, proposed completion date, last poem and photo to be done first week in December, so…. With luck I will have a completed book, before the 20th December 2014. It can go as a stocking filler, in families stockings!!

To get my photo’s done, I bought myself a new digital camera, bought through Amazon, I was happy with it, but having taken some test photo’s, it refused to download them to the computer – a problem of compatibility between camera and my computer. It is good that Amazon’s returns procedure is easy to cope with, I have packaged it up, taken it to the collection point, had an email from Amazon to say my account is being credited. Now I start again, from all the digital cameras, of all the thousands on the market  which one shall I choose? The search begins again………


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