Daily prompt – write in the present tense

My present, my today. My husband is ill, he has a throat infection, that is taking it’s time to go.

Every Wednesday in term time, I go to a Creative Writing Class. I thought today I may not be able to go, my husband seemed settled and sleeping, so off I went. This term we are looking at re-writing and editing work, today’s lesson was about proof reading and preparation for publication. We also did an Internet quiz on the subject! How is that for the here and now of today?

Home again, I prepared a light lunch, for me and my patient, who I was glad to see  was, freshly washed, dressed in proper clothes, as opposed P.J’s and dressing gown. Yippee, he ate his lunch, so must be feeling a little better.

Now, we are both on our computers, he checking his emails for anything needing urgent attention. Me, I have checked my  facebook  site, made contact with a couple of nieces, looked at my emails, currently typing up my daily prompt.

For the rest of the day, I have washing going round in the machine, which will have to be hung up. There is another ‘light meal’ to prepare and cook, not yet decided what we will eat….

It will be a quiet evening, watching T.V., a bit reading, a bit more computing before closing it down for the night. Then bed…. That’s another day over, the end of my ‘present day!’


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