Daily Post, mirror, mirror

This is typical of me, writing up the prompt for the 22nd on the 27th January! I do ‘get round to everything’  – eventually.

One time when I looked into the the mirror, I used to see my father looking back at me – with more hair, of course. We were like two peas in a pod. Unfortunately I had his character too. Later as I grew older I began to look like my mother. She always had a little smile on her face, not one that showed her teeth. When I was a teenager I used to wonder ‘what’s she got to smile about’, it really bugged me. Now I am older, I know the value of a smile, it costs nothing but it can brighten someone else’s day.

Now that I am in my seventies, I look in the mirror and I see my Grandma looking back at me. She had short, straight grey hair, not of the pretty silver kind that my other grandma had, just boring grey. I loved and admired my Grandma, although a tiny bird like little woman, she was tough. Widowed very young, she brought up five children.

Even though I have looked into the mirror today, I see someone who has tried all my life to be my own person, painfully independent, making life hard for myself. Clothes, hair and money etc., mean little to me, as long as I am clean and comfortable, my body properly covered, that is my priority. I am quiet by nature, one of life’s listeners and observers. My horoscope is Cancer, which tells you a lot. I do have a hard shell, keeping my thoughts and feelings to myself. Like the crab, or a marshmallow, my centre is soft and sqidgey.

I have a husband of fifty four years, two grown up children and three grand children, I am immensely proud of them all, I hope they are proud of me. These are my greatest achievements.


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