Weekly writing challenge… just after breakfast.

I have had my bowl of porridge, in winter time its got to be porridge, you can feel it warming your chilled body. I am still wearing a nightdress, the central heating has done its morning ‘burst’ and now turned itself off.

As I look out of the living room window, it is a grey day, no blue shining through at all, forecasted to be a fine morning, but lunchtime onwards, increasingly wet lasting through the night, into tomorrow.

The bright spot, in my line of vision is a small bowl of planted up daffodils, bought cheaply at a large ‘do it yourself’ outlet. Considering they came in a ceramic lime green bowl, it was a bargain not to be missed. Largely in bud when bought, the warmth of our living room has encouraged them to burst into flower. They are very tiny, miniature daffodils, flowers so perfect, all attempting to turn their heads towards the window. Such a symbol of hope on a grey day, you have to smile at the pretty, dainty things.

Of course, they have ‘double value’, having had their flowering season indoors, they can be taken from their pot and planted out in the garden, so I will be able to enjoy them next year, and in years to come……

I cannot delay any longer, the day is moving on, time to shower and dress!


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