Zero to hero… Kindness

I am behind with my blogging!  Where does time go to? However, to today’s subject of kindness.

It is an aim of mine to be as kind as possible, whenever possible, to whoever possible. It may be as simple as a smile when passing someone. We are lucky here in West Yorkshire, people still speak to each other in the street, given half a chance they will launch into a full explanation of their state of health or, lack of employment prospects.It is nice to hear their stories, if it is an older person, you may be the only person they speak to that day.

Given the chance, I will do little ‘favours’ for people,.Something else I like to do, is give away books. This all began a few years ago when I became a ‘book giver’ for the first World Book Night – its coming up again in April this year – watch out for it. I had such fun giving away books, preferably to ‘non-readers’ to encourage them to read something. i have just carried it on.

We have a few charity shops in our village, they all sell books very cheaply, a lot of them are new too! I read them, then pass them on to others, asking them to do the same or, donate it back to a charity shop. My own book shelves are so full, i can’t keep all the books.


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