Zero to Hero. What’s in a name?

Just been reading thoughts of ‘The Importance of being Serbian’ blog. She was saying your blog name should give an idea of what your blogs contain.

So here goes, I am a proud Yorkshire woman, in case you don’t know, Yorkshire is God’s own county. Because of our high hills (The Pennines), we are born tough, and some say rough! Yorkshire is usually the butt of comic’s jokes. Its our accent, not the most musical in the world, we use ‘flat’ vowels, and the standard greeting is ‘ello luv’. Which as a young person it annoyed me, ‘why they didn’t speak properly?’ Now as an old lady, I realise if they mean what they say, ‘Hello, love’, it is rather nice. 

For actual scenery, there is so  much variety, from the Yorkshire Dales, the Plains of York, our beautiful coastlines. When the Tour de France starts here next summer, be prepared to see some of our countryside flashing past.

This is where I stop – its time to prepare our evening meal – it will not include the traditional Yorkshire pudding, I am doing an Oriental chicken stir fry, crammed full of every vegetable I can find!




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