Daily prompt: Being an outsider.

There have been several times I have felt an outsider.

One instance that happens frequently, I am deaf and wear hearing aids. Often in conversation I do not hear or mis-hear, there is only so many times you can request people to repeat things. This makes me feel isolated.

Other times, language makes you an outsider, we have been to Germany regularly over a 25 year period. I went to college for German lessons for five years, but was still unable to hold a proper conversation with our German friends. By the time I had thought of a reply, the topic had moved on to something else. I can read and understand a lot of German, I can get what I need from a shop, buy a beer or a meal. 

It is the same with Spanish, I tried some teach-yourself-Spanish C.D’s., but that language seems to be so fast. Again, I can read and understand a lot of words, Street signs and shop names are easy to follow. I can cope with travelling on their public transport. Feeling an outsider need not stop you doing anything.

It would be lovely to be fluent in a language, even to live in another country to experience their culture. We Yorkshire people have a word – ‘incomer’, this refers to someone who moves into a village location, it can take twenty five years to the ‘incomer’ to be accepted into the community!


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