Daily prompt – Style.

What’s my style? I am an older woman, a quiet woman, one of life’s listeners and watchers. As such I blend into peoples backgrounds.

Yet, they notice me enough to talk to me. What do they see in me? What makes the lady I’m sat next on the bus tell me her troubles? How do they know I won’t tell them to ‘get lost’, what informs them that I will listen, with the odd appropriate ‘yes’. ‘no’ or ‘really’? I will tell them how to cope with the problem, if I know the answer. Its my aim to leave any conversation with the person feeling happier.

It is a life style choice, trying not to be unpleasant, but to be happy and friendly. It makes me feel better, if I can make others feel happier, that’s a bonus. So, will you be the next person I meet on bus, or in the Supermarket cash out? Its always a surprise and a pleasure, who my next meeting will be with.


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