Daily Prompt – Colours of the rainbow.

It is a coincidence that rainbow colours should be today’s prompt. This morning we had a cold crisp day, with high sunshine levels. A beautiful day for walking down to the shops, the only problem being. The low winter sun causes you to walk with eyes half shut! Not ideal when near busy roads! The weather forecast had said a fine morning, if a little windy but rain in the afternoon.

I enjoyed my walk, bought all the things on my shopping list, and a few that weren’t… the weather as still good, so I decided to hang some washing on the line, it blew with enthusiasm. I sat with my feet up, drinking coffee recovering from my walk. Then came lunch time, washing on the line was blowing horizontally, wind strength and speed was increasing.

Then down it came, rain pouring down, huge black clouds, we, the husband and me,scampered outside to bring in the washing, it was half dry. It had been worth putting it out for such a short period.

As fast as the rain started, it was finished. The huge expanse of sky brightened to a happy shade of blue, the sun was encouraged to come out with its brightest face on. As I looked out of the bedroom window, not to be outdone the rainbow thought it would eclipse the sun. It was big and gorgeous, I could see one end, but the far end of it was out of sight. The colours so bright and bold, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. They were all there, in broad bands of colour.

There is something about the positioning of our house, which faces south, we often see rainbows at the front, singles, doubles and even triples. None has compared in size and brightness to the rainbow in the north that I saw today. Fantastic!



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