Daily Prompt…. Where do I do my best thinking?

I have a ‘butterfly mind’. It ranges all over the place, on all sorts of topics. I do attempt to have a daily thinking time. We like to have a coffee in bed, first thing in the morning, which is not early at all by some standards. After thirty years of being shopkeepers, working 13 hour days. Waking up slowly and having’ a coming round time’  is our luxury ,quality time.I t also makes it an ideal time for thinking.

I do usually have a pad and pen by my bed, some nights I get brainwaves in the middle of the night, when I wake up, its impossible to read my sleepy writing.

I am one of life’s listener’s and observer’s. Over hearing other peoples conversations is a rich stream of inspired writing ideas. A thought picked up on the radio, can provide endless ‘googling possibilities’. Wikipedia is an easy reference point. All these are places to trigger thought processes.

So too, is this daily prompt and the zero to hero, what a lot of ideas, info and thoughts. Before posting my daily prompt, i read at least three comments posted by other people, to see ‘what they have said or thought’. 

There does have to be an end product for all this acquired thinking, I just haven’t thought yet what I can do with it….  Any ideas??


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