Daily prompt, Happy and happiness.

When I was a teenager, I found in the Readers Digest a quote: ‘Two men looked out through prison bars, one saw mud, the other saw stars’.

This has been my mantra since then, to always look for the ‘stars’ in my life. The stars that make me happy are, seeing an unexpected smile – I encourage this by smiling at people as they pass by. I get good mornings or hello’ back – if they speak first, I always reply. This makes me happy.

I am a ‘tree’ person, if I see a pretty tree in flower, If I see a red coloured tree, in among the green trees, the fact that there are hazel catkins on the trees behind our house, these things make me happy.

As a reader, the bulk of my books I buy from a charity shop (there are five charity shops in my small town), quite often there are new books on sale for a £1.00 or less, this makes me happy. I read the book and either give it away to someone else, or it goes back to a different charity shop! Reading takes me from sitting in my chair at home, to take part in all sorts of adventures, to other worlds. Books educate and entertain.

Another thing that makes me happy, it to buy plants from the bargain bench, take them home, clean them up, re-pot them, give them a good watering, and stand back and wait. About twenty years ago, I bought a sad looking tree for £2.00 with a label saying Pomegranate, a tree I had never seen before. I took it home, cropped it back to make a Bonsai of it. I still have it, it flowers regularly, if I allowed it, it would grow fruit. That has been one of my most rewarding happiness’s.

I love children, I am lucky, children seem to like me. To have even the shortest conversation with a little one, makes my day. If I can exchange the tiniest joke, by eye contact with a toddler, especially if their parent has no idea it has happened – just mouthing boo! to them gets a reaction or, just waving bye to them and getting a wave back, its a small triumph.

So you see, I don’t need anything to out of the ordinary to make me happy. Just a bit of human contact, creativity or unexpected beauty……


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