zero to hero = ‘NEW’

Here in my corner of West Yorkshire, it is the greyest of days. Not exactly raining, but extreme dampness in the air. There is a Yorkshire word for it – nithering! The photographic challenge was to take a photo, me and my camera ventured out into the garden to see what picture of ‘new begining’ I could find.

There is quite a lot of newness to be see, the snowdrops are pushing through the soil. Out on the field behind our house the Hazel trees have put on their catkins, showing up a delicate yellow, after the night’s heavy rain. Trees always look at their best after rain, they seem to get a glow about them. Perhaps like we feel bright and fresh, after our shower.

In other parts of the garden, daffodill leaves are in evidence. One of my containers that houses a Winter Jasmine shrub, I was surprised to see it had on tiny yellow and white flowers, which smelt delicious. This is where I do my something new – inserting a photo into my blog! I hope it works!



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