New year, new start.

Last year’s 1st January 2013 , I did not even know a new year had begun. I was in intensive care following an emergency operation. It follows after a disastrous beginning, 2013 was not very good. It is a good thing that this 1st January, I begin this new year happily and healthily and looking forward.

My interests are interlinked, reading, writing and computing. My reading aims for this year is to be more selective. Last year I discovered three authors who were new to me. Bernard Cornwell and his Saxon stories, the battles and shield walls populating my imagination, what a lot of books this man has written, I have read eight of them – dozens more to go! Ann Cleeves was someone whose books I was told I would enjoy, I did, I have started by reading her Shetland stories. I have already bought her ‘Vera’ series, they are all ready to go….   An author I had not heard of is Peter May, he has written three books based round the Isle of Lewis, these are as much biography of the detective as crime fiction, with travelogue of Lewis, for good measure. Very different and fascinating.

My writing aim for this year is to write a poetry book, to be illustrated by my own photos. I plan it to have a theme of a monthly poem. Hopefully it will get completed and published in some form. I do belong to  a  Poetry Group at my local Library, I am hoping the members give me inspiration. One of my other groups I belong to is a creative Writing Group which is very stimulating.

My third interest is, of course my computer. I use it for researching subjects, writing my pieces on, storing my work and photo’s. It is something I have to learn more about, all too frequently my husband has to rescue me from my messes, I have fiddly fingers which go quicker than my brain and hit wrong keys!

Other activities are knitting, which I do as a relaxation while watching television. My grandma taught me to knit, sew, read and write when I was three years old, ‘I must not sit with idle hands’. My own families ‘doings ‘ also give me great interest and pleasure. Holidays too, figure large in the things I like to do, this year they will be U.K., only, there is so much of our own country yet to be discovered and investigated.

What a busy year 2014 is going to be….


2 thoughts on “New year, new start.

  1. This is a wonderful post, full of optimism, writing plans and a sense of humour. Happy new blog, happy new year and happy new poetry! Why not get Facebook and Twitter linked in? I’ll be able to shout about you and so will others!

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